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    Freedom is the source of my creativity and the starting point for my journey.

    One day, as I was working at one of Israel’s most prestigious architecture firms, I realized there must be more to life than sitting behind a desk for 10 hours a day.


    I knew I needed a change. I knew I needed to explore a different kind of architecture.

    So, I left everything behind and began travelling. I embraced the nomad lifestyle. Endless curiosity and exploration in search of inspiration and the elements that could potentially create a home that embodied the freedom of the journey with the peace of the destination.

    I am a collector of moments, treasures, knowledge and inspiration. When I travel to a new place, I seek to expose its architectural and cultural DNA, what makes it unique and distinct. The way the Japanese home is inseparable from its garden. The drainpipe chains, and the way the rain water meets the ground. How the moon cycle affects the timing of tree harvesting in Costa Rica. How to start a project in the Mayan tradition. The one-of-a-kind works of a Moroccan craftsmen.

    This is my creative fuel, the details that make a place memorable, and the beauty I wish to create for my clients.


    Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
    Ariel University, Israel
    Graduated: July 2013


    Dean’s list honor diploma for excellence.

    Work Experience

    2016–Present Founder of the new movement.
    2012–2017 Kapelinsky Architects.
    2011–2012 Tito Architects.
    2010–2011 Yael peer exhibition design studio.


    2013 Zezeze gallery, Tel Aviv Honorable mention in Architecture competition: therapeutic day center for Disabled people, Beer Sheva. (Kapelinsky Architects).

    2011 Jaffa port Department of Architecture Excellence yearly exhibition – selected students projects.

    2010 Tel Aviv Convention Center- Final stage of “OT HAITZUV” design awards competition.

    2009 ‘the station’ compound, Tel Aviv Department of Architecture Excellence yearly exhibition – selected students projects.