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    The New Movement is a new school of architecture born in an endless journey to define the structure as a sanctum for the soul.

    An architecture geared to fuel the creativity and wellbeing of its inhabitants, whether they are permanent dwellers or transient visitors searching for inspiration.


    An architecture that relies on the tension between constant movement and desired stillness, between the human memory palette and the unique site-specific properties of the location and it’s heritage.

    The New Movement is based on a number of pillars that together create a holistic experience of wellbeing creativity and relatedness. A place to re-charge your batteries after a long journey and to re-stock on energies before the next one.

    The transformative power of space

    Let’s start with a question.
    How do spaces affect us as humans? What impact does design have on the quality of our life?
    Is there such a thing as an ideal environment? How does it look? How does it feel, both physically and mentally? How it connects to its location?
    This is the starting point in our journey and it follows us throughout the entire process, from ideation to execution.
    We call this Human Sustainability.

    This is a question that demands solid and detailed answers. It demands honest and curious exploration. We seek to understand the effect of natural light on the human mood and wellbeing. The optimal height of the ceiling on stimulating creativity. The optimal width, height and location of windows throughout the structure.

    Deciphering the Memory Palette

    Each space fits a unique personal scenario.
    As individuals, we each have a unique memory palette, a summary of experiences, memories and desires.

    There is no formula, just an exploration to understand the psyche, and our own unique memory palette.

    In planning we seek to create a meeting point, a harmony between the individual memory palette and the site-specific characteristics, ie the climate, the culture, the materials and the topography.

    We seek perfection in imperfection. Wabi Sabi as the Japanese call it. The quest for a sophisticated simplicity, the transformation of the temporary into permanent. To encapsulate the voyage into a structure, to weave the different stories into the space.

    Researching and defining the personal memory palette is an open journey, yet one with a clear destination. It is a confident architecture that is bold enough to rely also on intuition, and incorporate it into the thought and planning process.

    Site Specificity

    The new movement forms the architecture as an act of meaningful relatedness.

    When one reaches a new destination, we start by discovering what makes it special. We seek the site- specific assets with which to work and create. We focus on local materials, the climate, the topography, the culture, he history and the local heritage. We approach this with a mindful and modest mindset. We seek inspiration, not imitation.

    We seek to learn from the past, when man and nature lived in harmony. We seek to observe, wherever possible, sustainable practices that were traditionally used.

    Working site specific is the way we build the connection between the personal story of a project to a wider story of a culture.

    Integrating Technology with Naturality

    The new movement mindset constantly exposes us to new ideas. While we strive for simplicity and usage of natural resources in the planning process, we need to maintain a mindset of openness towards technology-enhancing qualities. Technology is here to serve us, not enslave us.

    Technology integrated with naturality inadvertently provides us with an openness to innovation, from which we constantly learn and draw inspiration.