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    Bloxhub: Business matchmaking for desirable urban futures

    Torben klitgaard / Copenhagen, Denmark

    Torben klitgaard /
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Bloxhub, the Nordic hub for urban innovation, is a captivating ecosystem that has left me truly fascinated. From companies matchmaking through a unique collaborative method, Bloxhub is building bridges with the intention of creating desirable urban futures and foster Interdisciplinary collaboration in the process.

    On this episode I had the pleasure to host Torben Klitgaard, the CEO of BLOXHUB – a business matchmaking community, a co-working space and a research network hub for everyone who works within sustainable urbanization.

    Join us as we delve into the world of Bloxhub, unraveling the incredible work they are doing. Discover how, together, we can contribute to the creation of better and more sustainable cities, processes, and businesses.

    Visit Bloxhub website , Instagram account or Torben's LinkedIn profile.
    Bloxhub: Business matchmaking for desirable urban futures