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    David Abraham / Bali / Sri Lanka

    David Abraham /
    Bali / Sri Lanka

    Change is not only the places where we live and work, it is also the way we see ourselves; our wish to belong to something new that is aligned with our value and purpose.

    From Bali, Indonesia to Sri Lanka, David co-founded Outpost: a network of ‘live-work’ spaces that support the community of remote workers who wish to go beyond the ‘water-cooler talk’.

    David’s unique career path has spanned from Wall Street and the White House to Tokyo University. He is an award-winning author on green technology and sustainability and led a non-profit that built clean water systems in Africa. David has seen our world’s ups and downs and wants to bring back humanities solidarity.

    Visit website , FB page , Instagram account or David's LinkedIn profile.
    Outpost / Belong to something new