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    What makes coworking successful?

    Jean-Yves Huwart / Brussels Belgium

    Jean-Yves Huwart /
    Brussels Belgium

    Why do coworking spaces fail?

    As the number of location independent workers grow, the demand is rising and new coworking spaces are being open everywhere. Yet, most of the times having great Wi-Fi and comfy desks is not enough. What makes coworking successful and how can we change lives by creating the optimal work environment conditions?

    Jean-Yves Huwart is the founder of SocialWorkplaces.com and the producer of the Coworking Europe conference. Co-owner of two coworking spaces himself, Jean-Yves Huwart is devoting a growing portion of his time in accompanying decision makers with their plans to move their physical assets and workforce towards flex and hospitality-based environments.

    Join us to know what are the secret ingredients for a successful coworking space, what are the common mistakes that founders often make and what’s his advice for anyone who wish to start a coworking space.

    Visit coworking Europe website or Jean-Yves's LinkedIn profile.
    What makes coworking successful?