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    Neuroscience and the world of space and senses

    Natalia Filvarova / Berlin

    Natalia Filvarova /

    Prepare for a mind-altering experience as we unravel the secrets of how our brains decode space, guided by the extraordinary Natalia Filvarova—neuroscientist and UX trailblazer at Google, reshaping the boundaries of digital identity systems.

    This episode promises not just a deep dive, but a plunge into the transformative intersection of neuroscience, space perception, and the art of design. Natalia, armed with her profound expertise in brain imaging and sensory processing, offers a perspective that goes beyond the ordinary.

    In this conversation, we discuss practical tools and strategies, transforming spaces into more than just engaging entities—they become catalysts for heightened well-being and deeper connections. Join us as we embark on a journey where science dances with art, exploring the creation of environments that imprint lasting impressions on our lives.

    Visit Natalia's LinkedIn profile.
    Neuroscience and the world of space and senses