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    Is this as good as it gets?

    Rosalyn Palmer / UK

    Rosalyn Palmer /

    Have you ever found yourself asking - Is this as good as it gets? What makes us take a leap of faith and go after what we truly believe in?

    The foundation for innovation is having the courage to do things differently. When creating something new, there is no clear path to follow and we are forced to follow our inner compass. Often times, we measure success by external standards. Only when we achieve it, we experience the gap between our internal feeling and the way it is being perceived from the outside.

    I wondered: does it always take a crisis to shift our ways? So, I asked Rosalyn Palmer to the show to explore the topic. Rosalyn Palmer is a leading figure in helping world-mavericks appreciate their own success inside and out via transformational therapy.

    If you want to learn more about being in alignment with your inner values, living life according to your own rules instead of the social scripts and implementing those insights in your next project – this episode is for you.

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    Is this as good as it gets?