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    OASA / Using Blockchain for creating regeneration

    Sam Delesque / Portugal

    Sam Delesque /

    Change is not only the projects we decide to start, it is also the systems that we are using for doing that. When Sam Delesque started OASA, he decided to build a decentralized ownership model, explore new methods of decision making and positive impact measurement. To do so, he is using blockchain technology, DAO and tokens.

    OASA is a collection of regenerative community run co-living and co-creation spaces in nature, that put humans & planet first community. OASA is owned and operated by and for nomads, entrepreneurs and artists who want to regenerate the planet.

    The first space is located in Alentejo, Portugal it is called Traditional Dream Factory who recently got selected as 1 of 12 cutting edge regenerative villages around the world by regen civics cohort

    Join us to learn more about his unique perspective, how living spaces can be operated and focus on gross happiness and positive planet impact.

    OASA / Using Blockchain for creating regeneration