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    Unveiling UnDavos & a 25-year plan to change the world for better

    Mark Turrell / Berlin

    Mark Turrell /

    Ever heard of Davos, the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland? Now, what about its intriguing counterpart, unDavos?

    Meet Mark Turrell, the visionary mind questioning everything, forging new ideas, and disrupting conventional structures. unDavos, an entrepreneurial gathering running parallel to WEF events, is just one manifestation of Mark's innovative thinking.

    Mark wears many hats – strategist, author, educator, and entrepreneur. His work seamlessly merges collective intelligence with cutting-edge technologies like AI, networks, complex systems, and the profound insights of behavioral science and neuroscience. But that's not all. Mark has a riveting 25-year plan to change the world for the better, and he's already in the thick of executing it.

    Join us as we peel back the layers of unDavos and dive into Mark's unique approach to global change. This episode promises an inside look at the secret world of unDavos and a captivating journey into the mind of a forward-thinking strategist and change-maker.

    Visit Mark's website or Mark's LinkedIn profile.
    Unveiling UnDavos & a 25-year plan to change the world for better