Looking to start a new project?

    go out & talk to strangers

    Knowledge is meant to be shared. That’s why I have started my own podcast, where I host founders, entrepreneurs and extremely talented people from all over the world to share their stories, experiences and insights.
    Season 0

    Special episodes: a transformation awaits – and who knows, within the cadence of my words, you might just find the daring to pose your own uncharted questions.

    Season 3

    The third season of the podcast explores the concept of CHANGE: Do we always need a crisis in order to change? How can we shift our mindset, lives and businesses to be in alignment with our inner values? This season features founders of unique projects, thought leaders and experts. Among the topics covered were future of work, human-centered design, sustainable development, blockchain-based projects, and regenerative tourism.

    Season 4

    In the symphony of existence, a thread of connection weaves through all things. Our senses dance to the rhythm of life, entwining us with fellow humans, the wonders of nature, the unique spirit of a place, and the heartbeat of existence. Season 4 is dedicated to ecosystems: Through deep conversations with founders, thinkers, and leaders who craft extraordinary ecosystems, we begin to unfold the true magic where gathering and relating transforms who we are.

    Season 5

    Season 5 is dedicated to exploring our relationship with time, natural rhythms, and the balance between our inner tempo and the fast-paced world around us. This season unpacks how we live, create, and engage with our surroundings, striving for balance and harmony in the midst of constant motion.